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Patio screen enclosures in Columbus, GA is a project that is currently being developed by the current owner of the property. He needs a solution for an outdoor area where his guests will be able to entertain and/or gather as a group. There are several different ideas for this project, which include completely enclosing the space with a wall or fence, building structures like gazebos, building structures like arches or pergolas, and finally putting up fabric on poles so it looks like an outdoor tent. Patio screen enclosures in Columbus, GA can be found at some local builders who have special skills in home construction.

This article provides information about what patio screens are as well as some benefits of using them on patios or decks.

What are Patio Screens?

Although there are different styles of patio screen enclosures in Columbus, GA available, they are essentially used as fences that enclose an open space on a patio or deck. This can be a large area such as a deck or patio, or it can be designed to enclose smaller areas such as porches and entryways. The main purpose of the screens is to protect from the wind, sun, rain, and snow. They also provide privacy when you want to keep your activity in the yard private. In addition to keeping out unwanted elements in your yard, patio screens also help keep critters out of your yard at night.

The material used for patio screen enclosures may vary depending on which manufacturer you choose to work with.

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Benefits of using patio screens on patios or decks:

  • Not all decks or patios need an enclosed space. Patio screens are used to enclose an area of the deck or patio when the owner wants a more private area that can still be enjoyed outdoors year-round.
  • When you install patio screens, you don’t have to worry about enclosing your entire yard. Some people like to have an open area for entertaining and big groups, but with neighbors close by, they may not want their yard completely open all summer long.
  • Patio screens can be used to decorate as well. Not only are they a great way to keep out the elements, but adding patio screens to your yard can be a great way to add a little flair and style. They come in all different colors and fabrics so you can create the look you want for your entire yard.
  • Patio screen enclosures are good for privacy. You can use them when you want to get away from your neighbors, but still want to enjoy outdoor activities with friends or family members in the area at night.


The future owners have found a few local companies that specialize in fabric enclosures. One of the main things they must decide is which style they are most comfortable with, and what their budget will allow them to do. In the end, even though everyone wants a beautiful area where they can enjoy the outdoors, many times you have to consider things such as cost, space, and those who may be living close by. There are several options for this backyard project, but if these decisions are not made correctly, you may end up with an area that is not functional or something that looks uncoordinated.